Body Renaissance Therapeutic Massage - Relaxation and Restoration for Mind, Body and Soul
Another amazing massage Sue Ventura. Thanks for helping keeping me going. :)
Just had the most amazing massage! What a great treat for Moms & anyone who just wants to pamper themselves a bit. Thanks Sue, what a great experience & I will be back!
Sue, I HAVE to make another appointment with you. My massage with you was so fantastic!! And even my physical therapist noticed the looseness in my shoulder and increased range of motion.
Sue gives the best massages - everyone go :)
Sue did an amazing job! I had muscle soreness for months and within one 90 minute session i was so relieved. It was honestly one of the best massages I've received. If you want a no frills environment but an incredible massage i highly recommend Sue!!!
I had my second massage just this past Friday. I had some serious back and neck tension. Sue has the most amazing way of pinpointing the issue and working it out. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body which is key in a massage therapist. With the referral program you must get on board. Seriously best massage you'll ever have!!!
Really a great massage. I get so tense and have so many serious back problems and she took the time to address the areas where I was having pain or tension and was able to release them. I felt so much better after this massage and I have tried a lot of different places but I am going back to this one for sure. She really seems to know the muscles.
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